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Folks!! May I invite you to enter yourself now into the Darby Raffle? Tickets are a mere $10, and each ticket gets you a chance to win one of three prizes. Click HERE to purchase tickets, and just keep on clicking ‘add to cart’ for more and more and more prizes. It’s the tweediest, darby-est, super-est Tweed Ride yet.

A big thank you to our sponsors, Harmony Cycles, You + Me Shop, SCHÖN, Mend Provisions and MidNorth Mercantile. Please support them with your patronage.

Some photographs to entice you.

1st Prize in Darby Raffle from Harmony Cycles

1st Prize in Darby Raffle from Harmony CyclesPrizes in 2013 Darby raffleYou + Me prizes in 2013 Darby Raffle

Schon Prizes in Darby Raffle

Happy Anniversary, Darling.


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We are five years old. In celebration of reaching such an advanced age, we are really pulling out the stops on this year’s ride. What’s under the Christmas tree, you ask? Oogle the following and prepare yourself for the sockdollager of the season. 

The generous sponsors of the 5th Annual Tweed Ride would like to extend their well wishes to the riders (you) and in so doing, have graciously donated their fine fine wares.


Three tiers of goods, three chances to win with every ticket.

1st Prize – A brand-spankin’ new Bobbin Bicycle’s Daytripper, brought to you by Harmony Cycles. A’int she just the berries?

1st Prize in Darby Raffle from Harmony Cycles

1st Prize in Darby Raffle from Harmony Cycles

2nd Prize – Fashion Package from You + Me. Featuring beaut-i-ful swag from Minneapolis’ premier designers, You + Me will have you looking as sharp as Saville Row.

3rd Prize – Surprise Goodies from MidNorth MercantileSCHÖN, and Mend Provisions.


Only the dandiest of dandies, the fribblest of fops, thee sharpest of snappy dressers will emerge victorious. This year, the stakes are the highest. Two fashion champions can expect the following:

Bragging rights, whiskey, AND $50 provided by Newcastle Brown Ale. (How’s that for motivation?)


The organisers of the ride are continuing our quest for more goodies. Please check back for updates. There will be more for you, darling. All for you.

2013 MSP Tweed Ride Route and Itinerary



MSP Tweed Ride 2013 Route

Click map to be redirected to an interactive route.

Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen. A scenic route this year hits all your favourite high-quality City of Lakes establishments for quality time with all your new friends. With only a few hills and following tried and true avenues, this route will charm seasoned riders and infrequent pedalers alike.

Meet at Powderhorn Park at half past 5 o′clock on Saturday the 26th. Look for other tweed-clad cyclists gathered in the south-eastern corner of the park. Bring a thermos of tea or other libation to share with your new friends! After some mingling, we will depart at 6 o’clock SHARP.

And we’re off! A jaunt to Uptown towards the evergreen Muddy Waters Bar and Eatery at 2933 Lyndale for some fine gastronomic enjoyment on their beautiful patio.

Having satiated our hunger and slaked our great thirst, we shall tour Lake of the Isles, zip through Uptown to Loring Park. In this fine botanical and historical setting, we will pose for the requisite group photo(s). Once we’re tired of smiling, we’ll cast our votes for the Dapperest Gent and Most Fetching Lady contests. Nominate your chums, or a beautiful stranger, and give them three cheers as they vamp and dash about for your entertainment. Victors are awarded a bottle of whiskey and $50 each!

Rolling down Nicollet Mall, we’ll tour the old warehouse district of Minneapolis and enjoy what the mixologists have for us at the Marvel Bar50 2nd Avenue North.

We shall cross the river, and stop for a spot of tea (or something stronger) on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

Heading back to civilisation, Nye’s Polonaise at 112 East Hennepin Ave is next on the agenda. The sweet strains of polka and piano will surely encourage you to cut a rug.

A short jaunt downstream brings us to the Spooky Speakeasy at the Soap Factory. Where the Bittercube Boys and Northstar Bartender’s Guild sling damnably delicious spirits. Food Trucks, performance art, and live feeds of The Haunted Basement provide further entertainment.

Then onward toward the final stop at the Kitty Kat Club on 315 14th Avenue SE where DJs will spin only the finest dance music. Yes, darling, it’s aptly named: BLACKOUT.

Please note, this route is subject to change at a moment’s notice (especially the last stops) If you will be joining us later, please follow @MPLSTweedRide on twitter for real time location tweets.

As always, please do RSVP, and peek at our raffle prizes.

Highlights from 2012 MSP Tweed Ride


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Ahhh, the sweet sounds of autumn are ringing in my ears (if only the cicadas would pipe down). Some images of the 2012 Minneapolis Tweed Ride. Additionally, a first for us – a MOVING PICTURE by Matt Mead. Please enjoy.

The following stills are also from MiddleWestern. See the full album on Facebook and visit their Flickr feed.

Tweed Ride Minneapolis 2012

Tweed Ride Minneapolis 2012

Tweed Ride Minneapolis 2012

Tweed Ride Minneapolis 2012

Tweed Ride Minneapolis 2012

Prepare yourself, old chap. The 2013 Tweed Ride will soon be upon us.

Highlights from 2011 MSP Tweed Ride

All of the following photos are from inside the Hennepin History Museum who graciously opened their doors to the Tweed Ride as our second stop. The setting could not have been better. More pictures from the ride will be posted in short order!

If you have more photos of the ride and would like me to feature them on the site, please email me at tweedride @ gmail . com. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more beautiful images from the tweediest night of the year!

All Good Things

Tweed Riders - Fall 2011

The Third Annual Tweed Ride was a success! Many new friends were made, many litres of spirits were imbibed, and there were markedly less spills taken by tweed riders than in the past. What a night – wonderful weather, plenty of patio seating, briefly joining protest parades, passing the bottle whilst overlooking the falls, and sweating it out on the dancefloor. Thank you to everyone who came out and to everyone who toiled even a small amount to make this the best Tweed Ride yet. As you can see, our ranks are swelling, and that warms my heart!

Photos of the event are being gathered. If you have some good snaps you’d like to share, please do. Contact me and I’ll feature them on this new and improved site. In the meantime, check out Ciclofish’s flickr set and blog post. Fish has been the reliable tweed photog since the beginning, although he can’t hold a camera level to save his life, I strongly suggest perusing his archives for the best shots of past Tweed Rides.

Thank you (yes, you!) once again. All good things are meant to be shared. Tweed is no exception.

Never Fully Dressed

There certainly is plenty to smile about today. We are happy to announce that the Third Annual Tweed Ride is now sponsored by the Hennepin History Museum. Yes, in partnering with the Museum, the Gothic mansion’s doors will be thrown open wide after hours just for Tweed cyclists. The Hennepin History Museum is one of the Twin Cities’ most unique social history museums. They offer superb exhibits, an historic mansion setting, and archival collections of priceless scholarly value. And value it we do!

Many thanks to the Hennepin History Museum for kindly sponsoring this ride, our hats are off to you!

Museum interior.


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