Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen. This 15 mile beaut is nothing but the scenic route. Few hills and commonly following bicycle paths, it will charm seasoned riders and infrequent pedalers alike.

Meet at Minnehaha Falls Park at 3 0’clock. Look for other tweed-clad cyclists gathered ’round the Song of Hiawatha circle, downstream of the Falls. Bring a thermos of tea or other libation to share with your new friends! Do stop by the photo booth to capture the memory in wonderful tones of sepia. We will depart from the Falls at 4 o’clock SHARP.

Following Minnehaha Creek, we will make our way to the majestic Kings Wine Bar on Grand Avenue and 46th Street where we will enjoy Lagunita’s W.T.F., Fulton Vine, Fulton Adversary and Bell’s Lager for a mere $3. Also, Kings has generously offered $2 off their fine selection of Small Bites plates for Tweed Ride cyclists.

It’s off for a jaunt round the lake towards the Harriet Bandshell on 43rd Street West and East Lake Harriet Parkway. For the Dapperest Gent and Most Fetching Lady contests. Nominate your chums, or a beautiful stranger, and give them three cheers as they vamp and dash about for your entertainment.

We’ll continue along the lakes and make headway into the heart of Uptown for a timely food stop. At the intersection of Lyndale Avenue and 26th Street we’ll find the Common Roots Cafe (who is also graciously offering specials for Tweed Ride cyclists) for the foodies, the Bulldog Uptown and the CC Club for the sots.

Having satiated our hunger and slaked our great thirst, we shall head Downtown and across the river to cobblestoned St. Anthony Main. Rolling over the historic Stone Arch Bridge, we’ll tour through the old mill district to Grumpy’s Bar on 1111 Washington Avenue.

From downtown, we’ll hop on the path and head south toward the final stop at the Bedlam Theatre on 1501 South 6th Street. Deejays will spin and dancing shall commence.