Well, well! It does look like others are catching the Tweedy Spirit! The tweed aesthetic has been gaining more appreciation and vaster celebration. From homegrown Midwest events like NorthernGRADE Men’s Market hosted by Pierrepont Hicks + J.W. Hulme Co. To International uberfashion houses such as Ralph Lauren who has launched a Tweed Run collection, featuring looks for both men and women, under his Rugby brand. I do say, sharp site, isn’t it?

Not that I could sway the popular vote, but my hunch is that if it were to happen that a cyclist presents the Host of the Fall Tweed Ride with this shiny sipper, said cyclist would be something of a shoe-in for the Dapperest Gent or Most Fetching Lady contests. Who could resist?

For those of you who sensibly avoid criminal leanings, chin up! You have the moral highground and hopefully some exceedingly handsomest togs. Remember, bribery does not always work! See you on the road!