Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen. A shorter route this year leaves more time for out-of-the-saddle quality time with your new friends. With only a few hills and following tried and true avenues, this route will charm seasoned riders and infrequent pedalers alike.

Meet at Powderhorn Park at 6 0′clock on Saturday the 22nd. Look for other tweed-clad cyclists gathered in the south-eastern corner of the park. Bring a thermos of tea or other libation to share with your new friends! After some mingling, we will depart at half past 6 o’clock SHARP.

And we’re off! The Tweed Ride Organiser is happy to announce an unusual, but very charming stop next. We will make our way to the Gothic mansion of the Hennepin History Museum at 2303 Third Avenue South. In the historical setting, we will pose for the requisite group photo(s). Once we’re tired of smiling, we’ll cast our votes for the Dapperest Gent and Most Fetching Lady contests. Nominate your chums, or a beautiful stranger, and give them three cheers as they vamp and dash about for your entertainment. As before, there will also be a contest for Best Bicycle.  All winners are awarded a bottle of whiskey each!

It’s off for a jaunt to Uptown towards the newly reborn Muddy Waters Bar and Eatery at 2933 Lyndale for some fine gastronomic enjoyment on their beautiful patio.

Having satiated our hunger and slaked our great thirst, we shall take the long way around to Brit’s Pub, between 11th and 12th Streets on Nicollet Mall across from Orchestra Hall. A Tweed Ride stop for the first time, this classic pub will not disappoint.

Rolling down Nicollet Mall, we’ll tour through the old mill district of Minneapolis and stop for a spot of tea (or something stronger) on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

Heading back to civilisation, the Town Hall Brewery at 1430 Washington Ave is next on the agenda.

Then onward toward the final stop at Nomad World Pub on 501 Cedar Avenue where DJs Rambo Salinas et al will spin 45’s of rare funk and soul music. Yes, darling, it’s HOTPANTS! 

Please note, this route is subject to change at a moment’s notice (especially the last stops) If you will be joining us later, please follow @MPLSTweedRide on twitter for real time location tweets.