Tweed Ride 2014 Route
Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen. A scenic route this year hits all your favourite high-class City of Lakes establishments for quality time with all your new friends. With only a few hills and following tried and true avenues, this route will charm seasoned riders and infrequent pedalers alike.

Meet at Lake Harriet Bandshell at half past 5 o′clock on Saturday the 11th. Look for other tweed-clad cyclists gathered in the bandshell at the northern end of the lake. Bring a thermos of tea or other libation to share with your new friends! After some mingling, and the requisite group photo(s) in this fine botanical and historical setting, we will depart at 6 o’clock SHARP.

And we’re off! A jaunt round the lake and then slightly east towards the charming establishment called the Eat Street Social, 18 West 26th Street, where the dandiest bartenders in town will have mixologied a special punch just for us tweed riders, and they put it on special at $5 per cup. A perfect way to prime the pump, as it were. Thanks to Jarrin at Eat Street Social.

We then head to the left a bit, to Heyday Eats, 2700 Lyndale Ave S, where vittles await to satiate our hunger and slake our great thirst.

Rolling downtown, we’ll tour the old warehouse district of Minneapolis and enjoy what the brewmasters have for us at the Fulton Brewery414 6th Ave North. Cult Collective will be distributing specially designed Tweed Ride spoke cards for every rider. But only one shall claim a bigger prize as the champion of the very special Happy Birthday, Dave Slow Bike Race. Rules to be explained, but a keen sense of balance is required for this athletics display. Also at Fulton, we’ll cast our votes for the Dapperest Gent and Most Fetching Lady contests. Nominate your chums, or a beautiful stranger, and give them three cheers as they vamp and dash about for your entertainment. Victors are awarded a bottle of whiskey!

A short jaunt across the bridge brings us to the New Bohemia, 233 E Hennepin Ave. You’ll enjoy das wurst und bier, New Bohemia boasts 36 revolving craft drafts and many many fresh sausages. Prost!

We shall cross the river, and stop for a spot of tea (or something stronger) on the Stonearch Bridge, spanning the Mighty Mississippi.

Heading back to high civilisation, the Dakota Jazz Club at 1010 Nicollet Ave is next and last on the agenda. The fusion of live musicians and electronic music by groovemasters James Patrick & DKO will surely encourage you to, ahem, git down. Note: There is a $7 cover for this stop.

Please note, this route is subject to change at a moment’s notice (especially the last stops) If you will be joining us later, please follow @MPLSTweedRide on twitter for real time location tweets.

As always, please do RSVP.