The Tweed Ride started in the fall of 2009. Carly wanted to throw a party for all her fashiony cyclist friends. The idea of a bicycle pub crawl was decided upon. Then, for the love of a good costume party, and inspired by the spirit of the season, the traditional English sportswear dress code was adopted. Thus, a Tweed Ride!

Starting with 25 of Carly’s closest friends, the Ride has grown to nearly 60 participants over three years. Riders should expect a scenic route enjoyed at a slow pace, stops at establishments with exceptionally evocative atmospheres, and plenty of time to socialize with other well-dressed, convivial cyclists.

Tweed Rides consist of a few key components.

1. A group photo. Usually taken at the first or second stop, a group photo with bicycles is taken and is used later as the official attendance record for the ride.

2. Best Dressed Contests. Audience nominated and selected winners will be named Dapperest Gent and Most Fetching Lady. The victors will receive a bottle of whiskey each and other prizes.

3. Drinking by the River. Nearer the end of the night, the riders are led to the Great Mississippi to enjoy the views. Fresh air (or pipes), hot tea (or a hot toddy), and unparalleled camaraderieĀ is shared before the group moves on.


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