Carly Schoen started the Tweed Ride in the autumn of 2009. With the idea of throwing a goofy party for all her fashiony cyclist friends, the Tweed Ride was born! You will recognize Carly by her green German alpine cap and her beautiful silver Chinese Flying Pigeon bicycle. She will also undoubtedly greet you at the first stop with a smile, and is very grateful for everyone for attending.

If you’d like to see more of what Carly does, check out her website, or follow her on Twitter @CarlsQuinn.

Michael Fisher is the unofficial photographer of the Tweed Ride. Most of the imagery on this site is his. He is the tall, well-dressed man with the beard asking you to say cheese who also helps navigate the route when Carly gets too tipsy to lead.

See more of his sepia-toned photography on his blog.


Tim & Thom Navarro You may recognise them from co-hosting the 2012 Tweed Ride. A too-short list of their many many fashion-focused accomplishments include being voted one of Minnesota’s best loved designers in 2013, owning the very dashing boutique You+Me, plus years of runway magic for MNFashion and self-produced shows. Not to mention these two are most likely the nicest guys you’ll meet all year.

Please visit their store You + Me at 2114B Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis and online.


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